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Medal of Honor On the Door Step, and Update of the FAQ

Posted on 9th Oct 2010 @ 11:13 AM

Hello fellows,

I hope everything has been going great for you in this beginning of fall (or spring for our Aussies friend, lucky *****).

As you can see, we lately added some new very popular game such as Civilization V, Dead Rising 2 and FIFA 11. I personally suggest everyone to try FIFA 11, the graphics are awesome and the game engine has all changed. It uses now the same engine as the PS3 and XBOX which I find a lot better for this specific type of video game.

On another hand, I am sure that most of you are all waiting for the most awaited game of 2010 since BF: Bad Company 2, Medal of Honor.
We promise that we will have it on the release date which is this Tuesday (October 12th).
I will not hide from you that since the hype of Bad Company 2, everyone has been waiting this game impatiently and we hope it will meet your and our expectations.

I have also updated a part of the FAQ (Delivery Time). I have been receiving many emails about "Why is everyone receiving orders faster than me?". Please take a look at the Delivery Time page to know (and understand) why!

Please feel free to send me any other questions through the contact page, or simply send an email directly to sales@directgamekeys.com.

Have a great weekend guys,
Peter on behalf of all DGK staff