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Battlefield 3 Hitting the Shelves Stronger than Ever

Posted on 31st Oct 2011 @ 5:20 PM

Hey peeps,

These last few days, I have to approve, were the hardest ever. Battlefield 3 was a pretty strong hit as we were all expecting, but even more than what we thought. The amount of orders in the first few days greatly went over all other games we ever sold (even Call of Duty: Black Ops).

I didn't even have the chance to post anything about it until now. Having to double the orders from our local distributors every day and prepare everything to send you guys the order as fast as possible. Nonetheless, I think we successfully went through this big rush and we are proud of it. We had few problems with the language fixes instructions which weren't perfect at the beginning and hence the heavy support we had to provide to you dear customers. But everything should be fixed right now. If you were between the ones who bought the games before today, you might have problems running the game in other languages than English; if so, send us an email and we will be glad to provide you the updated instructions.

We are expecting continuous shipment of Battlefield 3 for almost every day of this month so we can be sure to provide the game continually at the best price.

We did quite a little stock on the Limited Edition (with Back to Karkand) which were very expensive to acquire (hence the higher price). However note that the stock is not unlimited. So if you are an avid Battlefield 3 fan, you still have a chance to get it while supplies last.

Here are direct links to Battlefield 3 Standard and Battlefield 3 Limited Edition.

Happy Halloween!

p.s. There is still little chances that we get the European version of Battlefield 3 for those too lazy to download the language files and follow the simple instructions, but this is not certain yet since it's too expensive to be profitable for anyone right now. However, please be advised that the version we sell is exactly the same as the European (or US) version when the language files are fixed. Think it through!