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Delivery Time and Redelivery

Delivery Time:

Please allow a maximum of 12 hours (usually less) to receive your CD-Keys. Our working hours is during the day (GMT), 7 days a week.

Here is one of the most frequently asked question about delivery.
Q. In the reviews, everyone is saying that they got their keys within minutes or few hours. Why have I been waiting a lot longer than them and still haven't received my order?
A. Ask yourself this question. Who do you think will most probably bother to write up a review between someone who receives his order few minutes after payment and someone who receives it hours after? The answer is logical, it's the person who receives it the sooner because they're more "happy" about their purchase and they're probably still on the same internet session. So the thing is, it's not "everyone" that receive their order faster than you, it's simply because people who receives it earlier are the majority of people who write up reviews. The one who receives it late, usually won't bother coming back to the website just to leave a review. It's that simple. However, AT ALL TIME, you will receive your order within the 12 HOURS limit.

Manner of delivery:

You will receive your order via email to your DGK account email address (and not to your Paypal or Moneybookers email). Please don't forget to check your spam (especially if you use Hotmail/Live, AOL or Yahoo)!

The email containing your CD-Key will be sent from sales@directgamekeys.com and will be titled "Your Order Has Been Updated".


We from time to time receive emails from old customers asking to resend their CD-Keys because it was lost in their email. This is all right with us! We keep every order we send in archives. If you want to access your order again, just send us an email and we will reforward the email containing the CD-Key to you (even after years).